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Deluxe Upholstery Bed

Luxy Furnish presents you one of its Finest Deluxe Upholstery Bed that will provide you both magnificence comfort and sophisticated experience. With its simplest upholstery on the headboard and beaded borders it will be the ultimate beauty to your bedroom.

Eminence Chesterfield Upholstered Bed Frame From Luxy Furnish

Our Eminence Chesterfield Upholstered bed shelters you within its luxe, fully upholstered contours. The statuesque headboard squares the normal , accentuating the bed’s dramatic proportions and clean.

Kendall Upholstery Bed With Mattress and Ottoman Storage From Luxy Furnish

Luxy Furnish Presents its Kendal Upholstery Bed in its Sleek and Luxurious design that is Manufactured with High Quality MDF Wood and come in a variety of appealing Fabrics and colours.

Line Wingback Bed With Mattress and Ottoman Storage From Luxy Furnish

We have an astonishing range of beds at Luxy Furnish. The lined wingback bed is a perfect example of that, give your bedroom a modern look by adding the ultimate Wingback Line Bed to it as it comes in the sleekest design and ideal size to blend in any bedroom.

Lustra Upholstered Bed Frame From Luxy Furnish

Our exclusive Lustra Upholstered Bed Frame designs are often upholstered in colors and textures from our range of bestselling fabrics.

Mayfair Bed Frame From Luxy Furnish

Inspired to be luxe- our Mayfair headboard is channel-stitched by hand for a glance that sings with comfort.

Oxford Kendal Wingback Chesterfield Bed Frame From Luxy Furnish

Oxford Kendal Wingback Chesterfield Bed Crush Velvet Upholstered Bed Frames . Handmade Designer Upholstered Chesterfield Kendal Wingback Bed Frame.

Pearl Bed Frame | All Sizes | From Luxy Furnish

The imposing headboard, deeply padded, is tall and square edged and features traditional buttoning during a minimal formation – just two simple rows. It’s a trendy combination of the modern and the traditional, a topic that’s echoed by the classic luxurious velvet upholstery.

Royal Highland Upholstery Bed With Mattress Luxy Furnish

Royal Highland Upholstered Bed frame is the ultimate in splendid richness, this is one of our best designer bed frame which comes with a tall 60 inch Chesterfield Headboard. Matching upholstery on the footboard and side boards, the thick upholstered sides give this bed a perfect comfy presence .

Royal King Bed | All Sizes And Colors | From Luxy Furnish

Transform your bedroom into a classy oasis with the luxurious Sheringham Wingback bed frame. With its stunning upholstered hand-buttoned chesterfield design, this bed frame makes a bold statement and creates a stunning centerpiece in your sleeping space

Swan Sleigh bed – Upholstered Bed with Mattress From Luxy Furnish

Luxy Furnish's Swan Sleigh Bed represents the classical upholstered design from the early 1900's. Its unique and compact design can blend in any home if you choose the right colours and fabrics